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Le Vasa Resort, Upolu 

Yogalates Sunset

Join us for an amazing experience in a stunning lush tropical paradise, we have 3 Yogalates Mindfulness retreats begining July 31, 2017. Enjoy the back drop of stunning views while submerged in the bliss of nature.

STARTS FROM $3,000 WST  for  FIVE NIGHTS for (two people)

(Price available on direct bookings only, From July 31st to August 9th 2017, we have 3 sessions that can be booked, 1st retreat starts July 31st to August 2nd , 2nd retreat August 3rd to the 5th and the last August 7th to the 9th. Additional nights can be added for accommodation). 

Book an Oceanfront Bungalow at Le Vasa Resort and experience the tropical environment while enjoying the benefits of a Yogalates Mindfulness program.

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  • Pick up from Faleolo International Airport, Upolu
  • Five nights accommodation at Le Vasa Resort
  • Welcome Drink
  • Daily Tropical Breakfast
  • 3 Days Yogalates workouts
  • 3 days of Mindfulness Sessions
  • Group Sunset cruise
  • 10% off Day Trips or Resort Activities
  • Free use of non-motorised resort vehicles
  • Drop off at Faleolo International Airport, Upolu   

Everyone is looking for a new formula to strengthen their body and become more flexible as well as improving their emotional and physical well-being. In our retreat we can guide you to unite the body and mind through our mindfulness techniques.

The latest and greatest way to trim down is Yogalates, an exercise method combining the power of Pilates and the plasticity of yoga.

Our retreat will provide the benefits of improved breathing, circulation and energy; our yoga and Pilates workout will connect the mind- body, improve your physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We use mindfulness techniques in two daily sessions, teaching you to refocus your mind on the present moment. All mindfulness techniques are a form of meditation. 

The benefits of Yogalates include better muscular effectiveness and muscle tone with improved flexibility throughout your body.  The combination of yoga and Pilates combines a full-range-of-motion exercises with stationary positions. Controlled, deep breathing is utilized throughout the workout. For increased intensity, you can incorporate resistance bands. Yogalates workouts can be used as part of a weight loss program when combined with a proper diet as it focuses on muscle training giving your body a leaner appearance.  By combining the strength positions of yoga and the flowing movement of Pilates, you increase circulation and energy, which results in an increase in calories burned. 

Our mindfulness sessions awakens the body from within and can help you discover your repressed emotions, it also gives you a greater capacity to respond to the world with healthy emotions and motivations. You will be able to identify the cause of your stress, the sessions will help relax your tension and understand its causes.

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