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About Us

Le Vasa Resort

Le Vasa Resort marks Samoa's most historical landmark, the Malietoa Memorial, the site of the last battle between Samoa and Tonga, during which the Samoans defeated the Tongans after 300 years of war (950 AD – 1250 AD). Built to honour the great nation of Samoa, the Malietoa Monument serves as a continual reminder of the eternal friendship between the Samoans and the Tongans.

Originally built in 1989 and known as Samoan Village Resort, Le Vasa was designed to honour the traditional villages that surround it. Encompassed by a protective double wall of coral reef, the resort is the most enchanting place in Samoa. The local Staff are so friendly and welcoming they will be happy to tell you the legends or stories about our land.

In 2006, the resort was acquired by an American Family. The family had been searching for years for the perfect location to make their dream of island living a reality. They worked tirelessly to completely renovate the resort and create an island retreat for their guests to enjoy for years to come.