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Health Refugee Anti Aging Spa treatments

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Health Refugee Anti Aging Spa treatments
Health Refugee Anti Aging Spa treatments

At Le Vasa Resort the Spa “Health Refugee” offers new advanced in beauty therapy treatments using Apollo Duet which is a progressive aesthetic tool, distinctively combining three top creative technologies – 4th generation multipolar radio frequency (RF), electroporation, and iontophoresis

Apollo Duet machine

The mixture of these technologies and the use of a complete series of active beneficial solutions (‘Genosys‘) makes Apollo Duet extremely effective in restoration treatment for virtually any skin condition, including inflamed and irritated skin, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, seborrhea, rosacea, and couperose.

The machine has also demonstrated particularly successful in anti-aging treatments.

Apollo Duet was designed carefully to aid a very precise treatment, for best possible results:

A fixed temperature sensor in the RF handle allows users to follow patients’ skin temperature instantaneously and to fine-tune therapy accordingly. Skincare professionals using Apollo Duet can accurately adjust all treatment parameters, together with the technologies and Genosys solutions to be used, the target temperature of skin heating or cooling, concentration of radio frequency (RF) and electrical currents, and division of iontophoresis.

By carefully setting all these parameters, Apollo Duet users can modify the skincare treatment to fit patients’ particular skin condition, individual tolerance level, and the distinct therapeutic goals.